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2 coaches    2 paths    1 vision

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Anne Hellgren


Relationship Coach, M.Sc in Occupational and Organisational Psychology, Accredited Coach, ABNLP

Founder of Anne Hellgren Coaching, Certified Life Coach, Public Speaker, and an upcoming Author, with a passion for helping people attract and maintain happy and healthy relationships.

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Tania Cuturi


Executive Coach, M.Sc in Finance, PG Cert Coaching Chester, Barefoot Coaching, ICF qualified.

Executive Coach with a background in finance and property management. Tania helps female entrepreneur gain Courage and Confidence to transition to the next level. 

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"Becoming a better human to other humans"

- Austin Channing

"Across industries/geographies leading companies have a positive correlation with more diverse leadership teams (not only gender but also with race and ethnic diversity)"

- Vivian Hunt, managing partner for McKinsey & Company’s UK & Ireland.

Watch her video by clicking here.


Hello, we are Anne and Tania, and we are both coaches. Whilst we have had a different upbringings and backgrounds, our job is to help others through conversation. Hence why we are so passionate about purple coach conversations.


Two coaches, two paths, one vision. 


What is our purple cow? Coaching. And Coaching is dialogue, it’s conversation. It’s a tool that enables Change. 


Coaches are not mentors, they don’t tell people what they should do or how to do it - they converse so that both client and coaches find a path that will help the client understand themselves better. 


We believe it is our responsibility to make change happen. To understand prejudices, talk about them. To change the thoughts and therefore make sustainable change when it comes to difficult conversations around race. 


We are not here to preach an idea, but to learn together, the goal we have is to have true and impactful conversations so that we move beyond the fear of simply having a conversation around race. 


We want to start something and we want to start it together and we hope it will benefit others that are afraid to start.  We know it will not satisfy everyone and we want to have an impact on people that are looking to work on themselves around those difficult topics. 


Our example is to show that it is ok to say the wrong thing and to talk about difficult things as long as we help each other understand the difference of opinion and what matters. 


The idea is to get it right together, to show that with diversity of thoughts and background we actually become better. We want better outcome for our businesses, for our kids, for our friends and for ourselves. We believe diversity is the way. We truly believe in coaching and we truly believe in diversity.


We believe that to become better coaches we need to learn how to coach diverse group or individuals. We believe that to grow our performance as companies we need to have a diverse leadership team. And we believe that to become a better human we need to fight racism and become anti racist. 

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