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29. Purple Coach Conversations' interview with Adinah Barlow, a Relationship Coach, who had the good fortune of healing from sexual abuse.

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This month we are joined by Adinah Barlow. This interview is without a doubt the most emotionally provoking interview we have done so far on Purple Coach Conversations. After our initial conversation with Adinah, we were left speechless, disturbed, and yet incredibly inspired by her story of surviving and learning to live a thriving life, despite her experiences of being sexually abused by her own father as a child. 


In this episode we talk about:


  • How important it was for Adinah to follow her own intuition throughout her life

  • What helped Adinah put words to things that are so difficult to understand and find a form of forgiveness 

  • How it is possible to redefine relationships even when we think there is no more hope for them

And so much more!
Adinah shares her story in such an open, vulnerable, and honest way, that it moves you to your core. She has used her life experiences to help others who have experienced trauma, especially in their childhood to heal their inner child. This helps them have better relationships with themselves and others. 
While this episode may be triggering for some, and listeners' discretion is advised, please do not hesitate to reach out to a therapist, coach, or counselor if you are affected by the conversation. You may also want to consider working with Adinah as she specializes in helping people who have been affected by trauma. Please see her website for further information.
Listen to this episode to hear how Adinah has gone through an upbringing of child sexual abuse within her own family, religious cult practices and teachings, controlling behaviors, being taught racist ideologies, an incarcerated father, and much more. She has overcome all these trials and horrific experiences and is now an example of what the human soul and mind can achieve if they wish to. 

Watch the full video interview below:

You can also listen to an audio version of our interview here:

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Connect with Adinah:

- Website

- Facebook

- Project Inner Child

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