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Guest Interviews

11. Purple Coach Conversations' interview with Anita Gohil-Thorp, Career and Personal Coach.


Anita Gohil-Thorp is a Career and Personal Coach who helps professionals achieve their career and personal plans with resilience and lasting results. She is also a mentor and coach to other coaches. She has a very impressive and diverse career background which she shares with us during this interview. She also shares her experience around the following topics:


  • Her experience of being a newly qualified lawyer and going through imposter syndrome as a woman of colour in the law industry.

  • Her work with Aspiring Solicitors and how it's changing the culture in organisations and institutions on areas around diversity and inclusion.

  • How people of colour feel like they don't have a voice in certain situations and the effects of this.

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Watch the full video interview below:

You can also listen to an audio version of our interview here:

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