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9. Purple Coach Conversations' interview with April Caldwell, CEO and Founder of FayVen and US Military Veteran, and Aaron Caldwell, CEO and Founder of FayVen, Life Coach, and US Military Veteran.

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This week we're joined by April and Aaron Caldwell. April served 10 years in the US Air Force as a dental laboratory technician, then received a MBA in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations while working as a supervisor for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. She also works as an Action Zone Director of Ecosystem Development, and as the Co-Founder and CEO of FayVen®.


Aaron is a man of many talents, where some of his past experiences have included serving in the US Army. He is currently a Realtor Sales Associate at CENTURY 21®, Co-Founder & CEO of FayVen®, a Professional Life and Business Coach, Youth Mentor, and Bunker Labs Ambassador. He is also LEAN/Six Sigma Green Belt certified.


After years of dealing with the bureaucratic red tape of government work, April decided to leave her career behind and start a small business of her own. She and her husband Aaron went all-in on a crazy idea that popped into her head. They then created FayVen®, which gives small businesses a platform to sell, and connects them with their customers. 

In this episode we cover a wide and very interesting range of topics, including the below:


  • Their experiences of serving in the US military as a Black man and serving in the US Air Force as a White woman. We look the different challenges and advantages they faced, based on race and gender.

  • April candidly speaks about what she defines as white privilege and how she speaks about it to her friends and family. 

  • Aaron makes an insightful argument about how people choose not to see discrimination and racism because it suits them, while giving a comparison that will leave you with food for thought.

  • We discuss how Black people can also feel uncomfortable when talking about race and racism- and in what circumstances they choose to avoid talking about it completely.

  • How parents with children of colour are having different conversations about the police than parents of White children.

  • The importance of creating an environment that allows for people not to be judged for getting things wrong but instead allows growth through re-learning.


Watch the full video interview below:


You can also listen to an audio version of our interview here:

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