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Guest Interviews

10. Purple Coach Conversations' interview with Candis Hickman, Business Coach.

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Candis Hickman is the founder of CAPTIVATING COACH. She is a personal brand coach who helps her clients brand themselves so they can be known.

She helps her clients create signature programmes, runs masterclasses, and shares resources and support on a group and individual level.


In this interview, We talk about: 

Minute 7

  • Candis is from Australia originally, and has a white mother and Black American father.

  • How Candis felt the need growing up to understand her roots, and decided to move to the US.

  • How her experience was in understanding where she came from., and her expectations vs reality. 

  • Trying to reconcile her identities within herself, where she truly belonged.

  • How she was seen as a “mascot” for her family in the US. 


"Recognise that there is something different, but not where I belong."


Minute 10 

  • The difference between understanding that we are different and belonging.

  • The concept of culture vs race. Being black by race or black culturally. 

  • How there is a whole culture of being African American and how Culture is a stronger factor. 


Minute 16

  • What it means to be mixed race in the US.

  • What it means to be bi-racial. How it is hard sometimes to say that she is Black in the US.

  • Her YouTube Channel with videos that explore that concept.


Minute 19

  • How she asked herself at times if she was black enough to be in a panel and her experience in a panel celebrating women in business.

  • A very specific and destabilising question that a Black person in the audience asked Candis, and how that was a turning point in questioning her Mixed Race Identity.

  • How she has no problem standing out but she has problem fitting in. 


Minute 24 

  • How Candis understands the concept of privilege can come in various shapes and forms, and how aware we are when we are mixed race of the privilege we have, vs Black American.


Minute 25 

  • Which race she identifies herself the most with. 


Watch the full video interview below:

You can also listen to an audio version of our interview here:

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Connect with Candis:



Youtube Channel - becoming Known Self discovery for the deeply curious every thursday:

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