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Guest Interviews

5. Purple Coach Conversations' interview with Hanna Andersen, Career and Leadership Coach.


Hanna Anderson is a career and leadership coach. She works on supporting and growing teams in an inclusive way. Her goal is that employees learn to be more themselves at work and accepted for who they are, hence the name of her Coaching Company “As We Are”.


She has also created a fortnightly journal called the Water Cooler, where she unpacks workplace issues faced by underrepresented groups. 


In this episode we discussed:

  • How everyone can make a difference when it comes to issues around making sure we live in an equal society no matter how big or small their contribution is.


  • The lack of diversity in coaching, amongst other white dominant industries, and how we can bridge this gap, as well as the stereotypes around coaching and how important it is to overcome them.


  •  what she has been doing to actively work as an anti-racist. We finished off with a very insightful and compelling discussion on what it means to have it all as women - and if it differs from white women to other ethic minority groups.

Watch the full video interview below:


You can also listen to an audio version of our interview here:

AudioAnne Hellgren, Tania Cuturi & Hanna Andersen
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Hanna's recommendation:


Why I am no longer talking to White people about race

Connect with Hanna:

You can find Hanna's website here, and Social links here:

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  • Instagram
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