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6. Purple Coach Conversations' interview with Irene Otamiri, Sports Project Manager and Assistant Basketball Coach, and Victoria Otamiri, Business Developer and Impact Angel Investor

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This week we're joined by two sisters, Irene and Victoria, who are biracial and despite being raised together, had very different experiences based on their racial appearances.


In this episode we discussed the following, and much more:

  • How having darker skin and more 'Black features' affected their life experiences.

  • Biracial identification and how that fits in the USA vs Europe.

  • How privilege can be complicated even amongst people of colour.

  • Their experiences of living in the US, Sweden and the UK as biracial women and how they have fitted into the Black and White culturals in these countries.

  • Their work on how they are helping to make an impact amongst young people and entrepreneurs, especially amongst people of colour.


Watch the full video interview below:


You can also listen to an audio version of our interview here:

Irene_Victoria_audioAnne Hellgren, Tania Cuturi, Irene & Victoria Otamiri
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