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4. Purple Coach Conversations' interview with Dr Jonathan Ashong-Lamptey, Diversity & Inclusion broadcaster, speaker and protagonist.



Dr Jonathan Ashong-Lamptey is a globally recognised authority on Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace advising global businesses and government policy makers while contributing to international research projects.

He has a PhD from the London School of Economics is the host of The Element of Inclusion; a weekly podcast and has a monthly Book Club


On this episode Jonathan talks about how he got into the world of Diversity and Inclusion, from starting as a Black chartered accountant in the UK.  What prompted him to create his unique Podcast - The element of inclusion.

Jonathan is on a mission: " to help one million people like you to make the workplace inclusive".


  • How did Jonathan develop a thick skin when talking about difficult topics such as diversity and inclusion? 


  • What did the world of diversity and inclusion look like before George Floyd? What changed?


  • Is there a link between Brexit and the world of Diversity and Inclusion? Is there a shared experience?


We discuss how leaders of diversity are making change, if enough is being done and what else should be done.


We also talk about how far we have come 1 year on after the murder of George Floyd and the importance of continuing the work on diversity and inclusion  to get the systematic changes we want to see.


 What does it mean to be Anti-racist?

Watch the full video interview below:


You can also listen to an audio version of our interview here:

Jonathan_audioAnne Hellgren, Tania Cuturi & Jonathan Ashong-Lamptey
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Jonathan's recommendations:


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Jonathan's favourite quote:

"Live like no one else, so you can live like no one else.”

Connect with Jonathan:

You can find Jonathan's website here, and his Podcast here.


Make sure you also follow Jonathan on LinkedIn and Instagram and check out his podcast, which is unique in the diversity and inclusion field:

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  • Instagram
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