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23. Purple Coach Conversations' interview with Noreen Makosewe, Global Strategic Advisor, Angel Investor, Tech Entrepreneur and Keynote Speaker.


In this episode of Purple Coach Conversations, we are joined by Noreen Makosewe.


Sought-after Global Strategic Advisor, Angel Investor, Tech Entrepreneur and Keynote Speaker, Noreen designs strategies, systems, processes and frameworks that help CEOs, boards & governments implement and accelerate sustainable business transformation, digital transformation and market expansion for SMEs.


Outside business, Noreen champions initiatives focused on:

  • Youth employment

  • Tech and economic inclusion of underrepresented groups

  • Inclusion of women in tech and leadership

  • Support for special needs children

  • Mentoring tech startups in emerging and frontier markets

She is the Founder of:

  • The Radical Leap Group™ - Transformation consulting

  • Chi Luxe Africa™ - Curating African luxury experiences

  • Female Founders Africa™ - Building a pipeline of investment-ready and exit-ready women-owned

  • Dream Accelerator Academy™ - Online business community for faith entrepreneurs

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In this episode we cover the following topics:

  • Her upbringing and Kenyan roots. After her father passed away, she was left to support herself and some of her siblings to go to school. 

  • Biases that women face when it comes to growing business. Understanding that when women are creating businesses they can be facing extreme circumstances such as domestic violence and actually fighting for their own survival in their relationships.

  • The importance of empowering women to create wealth in Africa and continue being a support for other women to also be financially empowered.

  •  How they handle the pressure and complexities faced in juggling the special circumstances they come across, all while still helping these women grow their businesses.

  • The need for creating a wellness support structure for these women that moves beyond the financial and business consultation services, but also to the human side of support, is essential and provided by Noreen and her team.

  • There is a huge amount of work and partnership to be done to continue the growth of The Radical Leap Group and Female Founders Africa.

This is a very inspirational interview and there is so much we can also contribute to this amazing organisation and the work they do!

Watch the full video interview below:

You can also listen to an audio version of our interview here:

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Connect with Noreen Makosewe:

- LinkedIn

- Website:

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