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12. Purple Coach Conversations' interview with René Carayol, Renowned Executive Coach, Leadership Speaker, and Inclusion Expert

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René Carayol is one of the world’s leading executive coaches, working with some of the Fortune 500’s and FTSE 100’s top Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and their executive teams.


He speaks with the authority and confidence of the expert practitioner who has seen and experienced it all before. René draws much from his own unique experiences as managing director at IPC Magazines and serving on a variety of boards including Pepsi, IPC Media and the Inland Revenue.

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René Carayol keeps it real with naming names and real stories, case studies of people that are truly working towards inclusive leadership. He shares some examples of very brave actions of leaders and how they put themselves out there. 


  • Minute 3 - René’s journey in becoming who he is today and how his own experiences with management and leadership have enabled him to coach CEO & Prime Ministers, and other leaders.

  • Minute 5.15 - How being the Chief Executive is the toughest job of the organisation. 

  • Minute 6:50 - How the tragic murder of George Floyd lead us to inclusive leadership.

  • Minute 8:00 - How we are on the way to inclusive leadership. Big business making by far the biggest headways to change our society in a most inclusive way.

  • Minute 12 - How to change the culture of an organisation and using People, Process and Procedures to do so.

  • Minute 14 - How diversity is easy but inclusion is hard. René talks about coaching his clients to feel comfortable being uncomfortable.

  • Minute 18 - How taking action isn't the first step but rather understanding what it's like for others who don't feel included. 

  • Minute 21  - How the biggest gap is not race or gender, but generations.

  • Minute 27 How you need to be an optimist to embark on this journey. René shared stories of leaders who stick their neck out and are not afraid to fail. 

  • Minute 31 How to deal with people who show resistance in the topic of inclusive leadership.

  • Minute 40 - We talk about his book Spike, how 'leadership is an art' and how 'one size fits no one', in terms of leadership.

  • Minute 43 - A story about Newman Catholic College in Brent and how they are the heros of René and of this generation.

Watch the full video interview below:

You can also listen to an audio version of our interview here:

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