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31. Purple Coach Conversations' interview with Samuel Adams, a Coach and Vision Shifter.

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This month we are joined by Samuel Adams, who is a Coach and Vision Shifter. We have had the privilege of interviewing many amazing and inspirational guests on our show. Samuel Adams represents, without a shadow of a doubt, one of our most heartfelt, inspirational, and thought-provoking guests! This episode will be one that you will remember forever and will be moved to share with others. So please join us in sharing his story, as you never know who really needs to hear this!

Samuel Adams was born 4 and a half months premature, when his mother accidentally gave birth to him in the toilet. As a result of his premature birth and lack of oxygen, he was born with Cerebral Palsy. He has gone through countless hurdles and struggles in his life, including losing his mother at 8 years old, suffering bullying, and losing his father on Christmas day. 

Samuel shares his experience of spending four years looking for a job where he went for 100's of interviews and got rejected over 100 times. Yet his resilience and positive mindset kept him going time and again.  

 In this episode we talk about:

  • Samuel's birth story - his birth experience and the results that came with it: “ There are not a lot of things I cannot do”

  • How Samuel developed gratitude and awareness that he is a survivor every day.

  • Going through 100+ interviews and receiving 100 no's - and Samuel's understanding of that experience.

  • How society is so quick to judge and react, rather than taking a moment to reevaluate the situation or person first: "The problem is not the problem, but how we respond to the problem is the problem."

  • Samuel's own experience of grieving his mother's and father's deaths.

And so much more! This conversation is full of BEAUTIFUL quotes, which help us change our attitude toward what we see and experience around us!


We​ invite you to check out Samuel’s Instagram account, which is truly inspiring!

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Watch the full video interview below:

You can also listen to an audio version of our interview here:

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Connect with Samuel:

- Instagram

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