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Guest Interviews

1. Purple Coach Conversations' 1st Interview with Dr Sheela Sharma, COO and Neuroscientist

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Sheela worked for 15 years in the financial industry, and currently she wears many hats:


  • She is the founder of Opsion, an operations and strategy consultancy supporting leaders to grow businesses at critical stages in their development.

  • She is the chair of Portobello Business Centre, a not-for-profit organisation supporting individuals from start-up levels.  

  • Sheela is also an editor and mentor of SEO London, a not-for-profit organisation working with talented students from ethnic minorities to help them in their career journeys. She is currently working on a book 101 Diversity & Inclusion Success Stories, that aims to show management teams how they can implement ideas into their organisations to improve diversity and inclusivity. It includes real success stories and actionable steps that others have used to make changes in the workplace. This is a great tool for anyone in a management position that is interested creating a more inclusive work culture. 

Watch the full video interview below:

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In the interview above Sheela talks to us about:

  • Her journey coming from an immigrant family that valued education and thought it was fundamental to her chance of being successful. 

  •  Sheela shares with us how she is working on making sure the corporate world is able to marry in a more diversity and inclusion culture.

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  • She is currently working on a book which compiles success stories: 101 diversity & inclusion success stories to help Corporate companies accomplish this.

  • She also talks about how it was working in a very male dominant industry and the main lessons she wants to share with people going through similar challenges. 

  •  What 'having it all' means to her + much more!

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You can also listen to an audio version of our interview here:

Sheela audio_onlyAnne Hellgren, Tania Cuturi & Sheela Sharma
00:00 / 30:31

Fire questions & answers: 


1. Who should we follow? Listen to multiple people and challenge yourself. Listen to the people that disagree with you. Ultimately, listen to yourself.


2. Favourite Quote? “Don’t take criticism from people you would not get advice from”.


3. Favourite Book? Bury Me Standing  

Make sure you follow Sheela on her social media for inspiring stories from her book, and much more:

  • LinkedIn
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