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24. Purple Coach Conversations' interview with Tahmid Chowdhury, EU Sustainability Policy Manager, Coach, and Author. 

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This month we are joined by the inspirational Tahmid Chowdhury, who is a EU Sustainability Policy Manager, Coach, and Author. He is also the author of the book 'Make Diversity Matter to You'. 


Tahmid has a real passion for Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion and has created a model known as the CUBE model to help people better understand their own opinion on Diversity. This is a framework he created to help people think about the different areas of their own lives and how they have been affected by the circumstances of their life. ‘CUBE’ spells out: Culture, Upbringing, Bias, (Lived) Experience. Please check out his book and free Assessment PDF  for more information on this. 


During our conversation on this episode, Tahmid talks about what inspired him to write this book and create the CUBE model. We also go into more detail about why all the components of the CUBE model are so essential in understanding Diversity, and why it is important that we all play an active role in making the changes we wish to see and experience when it comes to diversity, inclusion, and equality. We also go deep into the difference between upbringing and culture. While these two terms can sometimes be used interchangeably, we break down the difference and speak about how we can all understand it for ourselves. And also very importantly, how it affects us and the relationship we have with these terms in our own thoughts.


This is an eye-opening conversation, as all three of us have our experiences and stories to share around this! And we come from different backgrounds and upbrings, where Tahmid, Tania, and Anne can identify as either Brown, White or Black respectively.

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Watch the full video interview below:

You can also listen to an audio version of our interview here:

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