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Coaching As A Way Forward: No Room For Shame

  • A lot of white people say they feel a sense of shame or blame when people bring up the topic of the discrimination experienced by black people from white people.

  • During our first conversations with Tania, she mentioned the term ‘calling out’ which is sometimes used synonymously with shaming. I shared my thoughts with Tania on this saying that there is, in my opinion a difference between the shaming, feeling ashamed and calling out. 

  • As a coach and a mother, if I want to teach my clients or children that their actions are wrong and they should do better, I do not shame them. I start a dialogue with them that will get them to understand what they are doing or saying is wrong.

  • Now, of course there are certain people, companies, institutions etc, that should be called out for their part in injustice and systematic racism and discrimination. But I am very cautious of putting everyone in one basket. Let’s take a moment to judge each situation on it’s individual merit. And for the sake of coming together as one, if someone is actively seeking to do better, let’s help each other get to that better educated and enlightened place without shaming those who seek self -improvement.

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