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How To Have A Conversation - Part 2

Our recommended 'do's and don'ts'...


  • Talk. Do not be afraid to have a conversation, even if you are not saying the right thing. What matters is the intention.

  • Share what you are working on. Do not keep it to yourself. Share it with your friends, colleagues, and family.

  • Explain what you have learnt. Do not seek their understanding or validation. Educate them not expecting things in return


  •  Interrupt the other people when they try to explain something. Let the mind run its course.

  • It goes together with not acting on the emotion triggered by what you hear. If you do not agree or feel criticised, something happens in your brain, you feel fear and discomfort. We tend to act on it. Resist and wait.

  • Try to get approval from black people about your work. White people need to educate themselves.

  • Seek for an answer straight away. Results straight away. Patience is key for change to happen. 


  • To focus on what brings you together. We are both women, mothers, love our family, love coaching. We are also different and that is what will make our conversation unique. That is our Purple Cow, hence Purple coaching conversations.  Here is my little takeaway graph on how to have Difficult/ powerful conversations:

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