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How To Have A Conversation - Part 1

We are both coaches and we have been really shaken by the recent events around George Floyd and BLM.

We met at a networking group in London and we decided to have a conversation (around race and all aspects that have led to the riots and movements we have witnessing around the world). I had no idea how to start the conversation, so I just went for it. There is no right way to start. When you come from a place of compassion and wanting to understand, nothing can go wrong. Even if you say the wrong thing,  How do we have meaningful, powerful, constructive conversations?  

1-   I have realised a few things that are true to coaching any client. To be able to listen one needs to be in the present moment and understand that the conversation might take us to directions we did not expect. Staying in the moment and being present is very important when you want to have a true conversation. 

2-   The other aspect of having a conversation that will be a successful one, is to also recognise the emotions that it might trigger. As a white person, I felt at times that I was being criticised for not having been more active and recognising that I was not actually actively seeking diversity. Being able to recognise those emotions and not act on them straight away but continue listening is a challenge and requires work. 

3-  Last, be willing to continue to work on oneself. Understanding the differences and remaining in an open-minded state is how you have powerful conversations.  

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