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Our First Conversation

It all started in a networking meeting...

Through a mutual networking group, Tania approached me and asked me for a one to one meeting. Typically, people in this group would approach each other for a one to one meeting in the aim to help each other advance their businesses or help each other make relevant connections. This was my first thought when Tania approached me and I’m glad to say, for the first time, I was wrong.  

Tania reached out to me as a white coach who was actively seeking to understand how she could make a difference as a white person and as a white coach to a cause that she was clearly passionate about. This is the Black Lives Matter movement and the injustice faced by black people across the Western world. I am glad and grateful for the many conversations that followed between us.  

As a Black woman I have faced countless struggles just because of my skin colour. Now, I want to emphasise here for those who feel the need to argue any sort of socio-economic or educational arguments. I say this humbly, but I am a well-educated woman with a master’s degree and have been fortunate enough to grow up in a family where I did not lack much. So, the discrimination I have experienced, time and time again, as have so many other black people, has been based purely on the colour of my skin. This is what made our conversations that much more eye opening. We are both coaches, mothers, women, business owners, yet experience a very different level of acceptance in certain areas of our lives.

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